the cesca chair

Designed in 1928 by iconic furniture designer Marcel Breuer, the B32 chair (now commonly known as the 'Cesca' chair), is one of the most recognizable modern chair designs in the world. It has been in continuous production since 1928, by a realm of makers -- the original design was never patented and it has been produced by high end furniture companies and knocked off by affordable mass production. It has become an egalitarian design, accessible for almost everyone. 

We love how the Cesca chairs fit in with almost every style of room -- from bohemian to traditional to ultra modern. Something about that contrast of caning & steel lends itself to it's versatility. It is the perfect chair, functional as side chairs or dining chairs. 


We currently have two vintage knock-off Cesca chairs in the shop now - these were mass produced but are still made with quality materials. They are machine caned & priced affordably at $46 for each chair. Stop by and check them out!


Katy Jones-Gulsby